What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin is the first global, decentralized, peer to peer digital currency. You can use Bitcoin for online transactions. Visit our ‘Why buy Bitcoin‘ page for more information

What is Ether (ETH)? 

Ether (ETH) is the world’s second largest digital currency. It’s the underlying token powering the Ethereum Blockchain. Visit our ‘Why Buy Ether’ page for more information

How can I buy BTC/ETH?

You can buy Bitcoin/Ether with us at HouseOfBits– Just make sure you have a Bitcoin/Ether wallet first.

Which cryptocurrencies are available for purchase?
HouseOfBits offers Bitcoin and Ether. Other cryptocurrencies will be available soon.

Where can I get a BTC/ETH wallet?
You can get your wallet through online sites, hardware vendors or exchanges. HouseOfBits doesn’t provide a wallet service – we send the coins to the wallet of your choice.

Which payment methods does HouseOfBits accept?
HouseOfBits accepts bank wire transfers and credit/debit cards.

Which Currencies does HouseOfBits accept?
HouseOfBits accepts USD, EUR and AUD.

How long does it take HouseOfBits to send my BTC/ETH once I have completed my purchase?
The time it takes to complete a transaction depends on your payment confirmation, account verification and the verification of your wallet address.

Why must I verify my personal details?
The verification process is obligatory for each account, as HouseOfBits follows regularity policies to keep your account safe and prevent fraud. We are committed to keep your personal information safe and the verification process adds an additional security layer.

How do I verify my account?
Log into your HouseOfBits account and follow the instructions on the 3 verification segments. You’ll be asked to upload a valid government issued ID along with a selfie picture of yourself holding the ID/Passport.

Where is HouseOfBits registered?

HouseOfBits is owned and maintained by Marketscore Pty Ltd , a company registered in Australia.