Why Should You Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a perfect mix of mystery and transparency. It was developed by an individual who calls himself Satoshi Nakamoto. His identity to this day isn’t revealed, which some may say is a tricky move. However, it was proven to be effective in the long run – Bitcoin is now a standalone giant with many accomplishments behind it.

Bitcoin is independent of any institution or government, which is why more and more users choose it as their main currency online. Bitcoin is maintained only by volunteer coders, who operate on the network of computers throughout the globe.

However, Bitcoin is limited in terms of its supply. There is a 21 million amount set, and after that number is reached, Bitcoin will not be produced anymore. When that happens, the price of Bitcoin will mainly depend on the popularity of other currencies available.

How Can I Buy Bitcoin?

Since Bitcoin is making our lives online easier each step of the way, it should not be too complicated buying it. Days of you waiting in line at the bank, handing your personal documents in order to verify your identity and then waiting again for all of it to be processed are long gone. With Bitcoin, you can explore everything the online trading world has to offer, without fear that something will go wrong. In addition to being fast and simple to use, it can also teach you a lot of useful tips. Managing your money wisely and taking your time to plan things out are just some of the many traits you will pick up along the way. So, keep reading to find out which 3 steps to take before joining the Bitcoin family!


Opening an Account

Creating your account with HouseOfBits has never been easier! It’s just like opening your profile on social media – just enter a few basic information about yourself and you’re good to go. When you click on the “Register” button on our website, a tab will open on the right. There, you can enter your details and create your account.

One last thing before finishing up is checking our Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy. This is a standard when creating an account, and we encourage you to read the sections carefully and in detail. This is just to make sure all your information and rights are protected by HouseOfBits.


Verifying Your Account

Account verification makes sure that your experience is safe. In order to fulfill this step, you will need to upload your valid government issued ID. This process may seem like a hassle, but we assure you that it is a standard. The fraud prevention policies we follow require this type of control, and since it is for your protection, it’s worth the few extra minutes.


Depositing My FIAT Money /Bank Wire Money

After you finished creating and verifying your account, you can deposit your money and purchase Cryptocurrencies!

You can deposit your FIAT money – USD, EUR or GBP, or you can also choose other forms of payment, such as a credit or a debit card, bank transfers or alternative methods of payment. No matter which one you choose, you will get a confirmation that you successfully made a deposit. This will come in the form of a receipt from your bank or a credit card company.

Furthermore, all the transactions regarding Bitcoin are also recorded in the blockchain – a system that safely guards all the information. While processing your request for buying or selling Bitcoin, these blocks are a key element of proving ownership, as well as the validity of your request.

The last thing you should know about Bitcoin in this area is its immutability. In other words, the transactions made regarding this digital currency cannot be reversed or cancelled. This may seem like a harsh or strict move, but it is completely in your favor. Mainly, it prevents all your transactions from falling into wrong hands (or any hand, that is) and being tampered with.

Bitcoin is fast and safe to use while navigating the online trading world and exploring everything it has to offer. Here at HouseOfBits, we make sure that your journey of acquiring Bitcoin is even simpler. So, join our big family and see all that is in stock for you with Bitcoin in your pocket!