Ethereum is the world’s second largest digital currency. Ether (ETH) is traded as a digital currency exchange like other altcoins and is used inside Ethereum’s platform to run applications, decentralize, secure and even monetize the functionality of Ethereum, which enables developers to build and run distributed applications.

Ether’s transactions are confirmed in seconds, compared to minutes for Bitcoin. Ether’s enormous popularity and rapidly expanding market capitalization brings it in competition with all the cryptocurrencies.

The major advantage of Ether is that it may be bought and sold by businesses, governments or individuals to allow them to tap into the vast, distributed resources of the Ethereum network to run their own apps.

Ethereum is considered the hottest platform in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains; companies such as JPMorgan Chase, IBM, Intel and Microsoft invest in it.

This is why it’s coin value has been aggressively growing.


Today anyone can buy Ether (ETH) with fiat currencies such as US dollar, Euro and GB Pound.
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